Variable Mulcher VM1000

Variable Mulcher VM1000

The Auger Torque VM1000 perfect for excavators and skid steers and can cut up to 1m in width.

Suitable for excavators and skid steer loaders, these mulchers are capable of handling some of the toughest clearance applications as well as more precise hedge trimming, and a working width of up to 1m. The ability to attach a skid steer frame, as well as an excavator hitch at the same time, removable pressure gauge & push bar allows for easy adaptation between parent machines out on site. The fixed tungsten teeth drum gives a robust blunt cutting edge for grinding through thick timber (up to 125mm), hedges and branches, the swinging hammer teeth drum gives a cleaner and more precise cut for dense bushes, smaller trees (up to 75mm) & even slashing grass. So, whatever the job at hand you can easily switch between drums & parent machine, providing the ultimate solution for all your land clearing needs.


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    Key features

    • Working width options of 1m and 1.5m
    • Suitable for excavators up to 15T and skid steer loaders
    • Heavy duty drum assembly - easily swapped on-site
    • Fixed tungsten tooth drum - mulch trees down to the ground
    • Swinging hammer tooth drum – dense bushes, hedges & grass
    • Heavy duty hydraulic motor & steel construction
    • Hinged debris cover for optimal mulching performance
    • Replaceable skid plates for ground protection & drum storage
    • Fixed Tungsten Teeth

      The fixed solid steel teeth feature tungsten tips with a robust blunt cutting edge. The tungsten teeth are the toughest and most versatile option, grinding through the thickest solid timber up to several inches thick, but will also function on smaller lighter material like hedges and tree branches. Using the fixed hammer drum, the VM1000 is capable of mulching timber up to a diameter of 125mm / 5“.
      For the heaviest duty jobs requiring completely clearing trees from an area or for mulching felled timber into chippings the fixed tooth is the best option.

    • Swinging Hammer Teeth

      The swinging hammer teeth drum features spade like steel teeth with a long horizontal cutting edge. This edge gives a cleaner cutting performance on soft materials like hedges, resulting in a more level surface finish after cutting. The more bladed cutting edge is especially useful for tough but stringy materials like brambles. The swinging mount allows the teeth to pivot backwards when they do impact a particularly solid object. This reduces the shock to the tooth and to the drum.
      Paddles are also better suited when working close to the ground in rocky environments as they can bounce back if they strike a rock or hard surface. For lighter duty work where clean cutting of soft vegetation is required, e.g. reshaping dense hedgerows or processing hedge and branch trimmings into mulch the hammer tooth is an ideal choice. Using the swinging hammer drum, the VM1000 is capable of mulching timber up to a diameter of 75mm / 3“



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