Drum Cutter

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Drum Cutter

The transverse drum cutter range is designed to work on a wide range of excavators (2-60T).

They are an ideal attachment for rocky terrain excavation trenching and surface scaling in the most adverse terrain conditions. Coupled with multiple drum configurations, our drum cutters ensure high performance, maximum productivity and value add to our customers.


  • Scaling of rock and concrete walls
  • Tunnel Excavation
  • Trenching in extreme grounds
  • Loosen hard rock ground effectively
  • Under water trenching up to 25m
  • Tunnel excavation
  • Mining operations


    Carrier Weight2 - 4 t4 - 6 t6 - 8 t8 - 15 t15 - 20 t20 - 30 t30 - 35 t35 - 45 t45 - 60 t
    Product Length700 mm*700 mm*700 mm*835 mm965 mm*1093 mm1095 mm1095 mm1345 mm
    Drum Dimensions (Width x Diameter)500x325 mm*500x325 mm*500x325 mm*630x390 mm*750x550 mm*900x615 mm900x615 mm1200x760 mm1400x760 mm
    Connecting Plate (Width x Length)320x310 mm320x310 mm320x310 mm405x475 mm530x510 mm600x650 mm600x650 mm740x780 mm740x780 mm
    Weight Approx.250 kg250 kg250 kg420 kg850 kg1400 kg1460 kg2550 kg2800 kg
    Nominal Power18 kW18 kW22 kW30 kW45 kW60 kW90 kW120 kW140 kW
    Max. Torque2330 Nm2330 Nm4750 Nm7880 Nm9990 Nm13650 Nm24150 Nm36200 Nm43600 Nm
    Oil Flow48 lpm50 lpm60 lpm90 - 115 lpm100 - 170 lpm140 - 210 lpm240 - 340 lpm300 - 500 lpm360 - 600 lpm
    Operating Pressure215/180 bar215/180 bar215/180 bar225/180 bar200/180 bar240/200 bar210/180 bar205/180 bar225/190 bar
    Pic Force16-26.6 kN16-26.6 kN16-26.6 kN23-40 kN32-36 kN44.5 kN39.3 kN78 - 95 kN115 kN
    Cutting Width500 mm500 mm500 mm630 mm750 mm900 mm900 mm1200 mm1400 mm
    *Excavating & demolition drum

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