Cement Mixer Bowl 180

Cement Mixer Bowl 180

The Auger Torque Cement Mixer Bowl 180 is perfect for Mini Loaders, Skidsteers and Excavators 1T-7T

Fencing tasks over rough ground often require post fixing cement to be mixed in small quantities, however rough terrain can often mean a traditional mixer can’t be used. Auger Torque’s drill/mix solution changes all that. With the aid of the mixer cradle hitch, the auger can be quickly removed and the mixer bowl attached and locked in place with the standard auger pin. After the concrete has been laid the auger can be replaced for the next post. Simple! The 180-litre capacity mixer bowl attaches quickly and easily to our earth drills. Skid steer and excavator mount brackets are available, and a mixer bowls is the perfect addition to our Mini Loader Earth Drill range.




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